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Brief description Product / Service :

Brief description Product / Service :

Aura Synergy India Pvt Ltd

Address : 1410, 14th floor, RG Tower, Netaji Subhash Place, Pitampura , Delhi - 110034
Telephone : +91-11-41410003
Hand Phone : 9873855565
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Contact Person : Tript Pahuja

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Grid Square metal ceiling

Grid square ceiling is padded with superior quality black glass fibre acoustic fleece to achieve NRC greater than or equal to 0.5 tested according to IS: 8225, accredited by central govt. lab.


Hand Phone : 99648 13377
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Contact Person : Mr N Venkatesh, Sales Manager (Southern Zone)

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Euro Woods & Timbers Pvt Ltd (A unit of Straton Group)

Address : #146, Sydenhams Road, Periamet, Chennai - 600003, TN, India
Telephone : 044 - 4204 1277/ 4512 6010
Hand Phone : 9941312474
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Contact Person : Mr Ankit Mohata

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These created by the technology leaders of South Korea and Southern America, is composed of a natural mineral: alumina tri-hydrate (ATH) refined from bauxite ore and blended with pure acrylic polymer resin. Customers and experts from all over the world are increasingly noticing that Acrylic Solid surfaces is a material with endless prospective. Straton Surfaces offer a full range of product choice, shades and flairs that allow your interior space the liberty to be discovered and transformed to a more captivating abode: suitable not only for commercial projects, but for endless applications around the household as well.


Our solid surfaces provide limitless possibilities for innovative design, closely associated to the requirements of the project, thanks to its exceptional feature of 'Thermoforming' one of the many unique qualities of Straton Solid Surfaces, the ability to be bent and formed to custom specifications, allows limitless possibilities. Depending on the thickness and colour group, the minimum thermo-formable radius may vary.



Kitchen Worktops

Bar Countertops

Bathroom Washbasins and Worktops

Wall Panelling

Bay Window Seating Platforms and Contours

Upstands & Splashbacks

Shower Cladding

Washroom Wall Cladding

Integrated Sinks and Bowls





Office Furniture

Bars and Restaurants

Reception Areas

Laboratory Furniture

Counters & Worktops


Lift and Foyer Surroundings


Conference Tables

Commercial Washrooms

Euro Woods & Timbers Pvt Ltd (A unit of Straton Group)

Address : #146, Sydenhams Road, Periamet, Chennai - 600003, TN, India
Telephone : 044 - 4204 1277/ 4512 6010
Hand Phone : 9941312474
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Website :
Contact Person : Mr Ankit Mohata

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The most abundant metal available to mankind noted for its remarkable low density, malleability and 'passive resistance' to corrosion, we have gone a step ahead in exploring possibilities with this excellent element for your commercial needs using aluminium profiles.


The aluminium trims are designed and manufactured from aluminum alloy of specification bearing code Canadian 50S / British HE9 / AA 6063, 63400 which is the equivalent of IS: HE9 (63400) WP, is the most pertinent compound for commercial aluminum profile and section architectural applications.


These aluminium profiles serve Specific functionalities such as protecting corners, creating connections, providing steps with non-slip surfaces, protecting perimeters and allow for natural movement with use of central and peripheral expansion & break joints for any type of wall & floor covering made of Ceramic/ Marble/ Mosaic/ Wood/ Glass/ Laminate/Carpet/ PVC etc.


Address : Newkem Harganga Mahal, Khodadad Circle, Dadar TT , Mumbai - 400014
Telephone : 022 24144261
Hand Phone : 9819845874
Fax : 022 24141513
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Website :
Contact Person : Mr Kush Sura

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Passive Fire Protection :

Fire Stopping Mortar: GFS 1000 - Fire Stopping Mortar

Coating Applied on Steel for Fire Protection:

Water Based Intumescent Paint : ISOLATEK WB3


Address : 306, Indraprastha Corporate opposite shell petrol pump, anandnagar road, prahladnagar , Ahmedabad - 380015
Telephone : 079-2970 4941
Hand Phone : 9510810866;8866660025
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Website :
Contact Person : Mr. Samarpit Garg / Mr. Ankit Vyas

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POLLUDRONE : An Ambient Pollution Monitoring System with capabilities of measuring Dust Particles, Hazardous Gases, Noise, UV Radiation and Weather Parameters. The major applications of POLLUDRONE is Smart City, Highways / Roadways Monitoring, Airport, Campus, Industrial zones etc.

ODOSENSE : An Odour Monitoring System with capabilities of measuring Odourful Gases (H2S, NH3), Hydrocarbons like Methane, Hazardous Gases like VOCs and Formaldehyde etc. The major applications of ODOSENSE is Landfills, Waste-water Treatment, Odourful Industries and Contaminated-Soil Treatment.

BREATH-i : An indoor air-quality monitoring system designed to measure all necessary indoor parameters like Dust Particles, Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, VOCs etc. Primary application of BREATH-i are Hospitals, Laboratories, Schools, Health-clubs, Offices and Homes.

Olive Green Products Pvt Ltd

Address : Plot 94 Phase 2, Cherlapally , Hyderabad - 500051
Telephone : +91 40 39114222
Hand Phone : +91 8978 409797
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Contact Person : Mr Vijay

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We all know that climate change is a very real issue and it's time to take concrete steps to make things right.

Olive Green recognises this fact and is set to replace petroleum-based plastics with something more sustainable - Origo, a revolutionary eco-friendly and biodegradable material made from corn. Origo is manufactured into disposable tableware, carrier bags and other packaging materials like CornWare, CornBag, CornPack. Our products not only have low carbon footprint, they also do not leach harmful toxins into food. Our products marry functionality with aesthetics and are as affordable as conventional plastics.

We currently have different sizes of cups and cutlery available in India. Please contact us for current product availability. Clean up your canteens and water dispensers today!

R D Ventures

Contact Person : Mr Dhruv Agarwal - 9960383838

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We are happy to introduce our latest innovative product EnvoPlast ready mix plaster which comes in 50kgs bag ready to use just by adding water to it. 

EnvoPlast is an innovative product made by utilizing waste from foundry industries and fly ash from thermal power plants. 

EnvoPlast is independent of river sand which has become a great concern in construction industry due to unavailability and its rising cost. 

Our product gives better finish, work ability, strength and durability than conventional plaster. EnvoPlast is much more cost effective than conventional plaster and provides a better control in execution