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IGBC online Training Programme on Green Buildings on 23-26 Februray 2021

The Green Building Concept is gaining major importance in India, considering the tremendous benefits that it offers. A green building is one which uses less water, optimises energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

 CII-Indian Green Building Council's (IGBC) Green Building rating systems launched since 2007 had made rapid strides in the Green Building sector. These Rating Systems have been successfully applied in India in as many as 6,222 buildings, till date with a footprint of 7.71 Billion sq.ft. Many Government, corporate, builders & developers in India have taken lead in constructing Green Buildings. With the growing demand for Green Buildings, there is a need to enhance the knowledge of building professionals on Green Building concepts & equip them on the Green Building rating Systems.

Against this backdrop, CII-Godrej IGBC is organizing a IGBC Online Advanced Training Programme on Green Buildings on 23 - 26 February  2021

 Till date, IGBC has conducted several Green Building Training programme across India and trained nearly 37,000 professionals on green building concepts. 



The main objective of this training programme is to impart knowledge on Green Building concepts, IGBC's rating system and share best practices in Green Buildings.


  •         Introduction to Green Buildings
  •     Site Selection & Planning
  •         Water Conservation
  •        Energy Efficiency
  •        Health break
  •         Building Material and Resources
  •         Indoor Environmental Quality
  •         Sustainable Architecture & Design
  •         Innovation and Design
  •         Green Building Case Study
  •      IGBC Certification Process & Discussion on Documentation
  •        IGBCs Offline Template Filling Exercises
  •      About IGBC AP Exam
  •         Mock IGBC AP Exam

Benefits to Participants

  • Exposure to Green Building Design Strategies
  • Exposure to Green Building Case Studies
  • Acquire Knowledge on IGBC Green Building Rating Systems
  • Get equipped for facilitating green building certification
  • Get equipped to appear for IGBC AP Exam
  • Hands-on training on Green Building documentation

Target Audience:

  •           Architects
  •           Builders & Developers
  •           Corporate
  •          Government Representatives
  •           Educational Institutions
  •           Engineers
  •           Energy Modellers
  •           Electrical Consultants
  •           Green Building Facilitators
  •           Contractors
  •           Green Product / Equipment Manufacturers
  •           HVAC Consultants
  •           Interior Designers
  •           Landscape Consultants
  •           Lighting Consultants
  •           Plumbing Consultants
  •           Project Management Consultants
  •            Town Planners

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