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IGBC Training Programme on Green Built Environment for Students on 1 -5 June 2020

IGBC's vision is to enable sustainable built environment for all by the year 2025. The Indian green building movement stands tall globally today with over 5,894 Green Building Projects registered with IGBC with a footprint of over 7.16 billion sq. ft.  IGBC has a set a target of achieving 10 Billion Sq.ft green building by the year 2022.

The Green Building movement has created enormous demand for the trained professionals for design, construction, operation and maintenance of Green Buildings. Apart from building sector, the building products & materials manufacturing industry and technology suppliers also need professionals who are trained on green building concepts to offer services to the green building sector.

In order to meet the growing demand of trained professionals, IGBC has launched the IGBC Certification course on Green Built Environment for Architectural and Engineering college students. The course aims at developing industry ready professionals trained on Green Building concepts.

     Key Focus Areas

  •          Introduction to Green Buildings & Green Built Environment
  •          Sustainable Sites
  •          Water Management in Project Site
  •          Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  •          Sustainable Building Materials
  •          Indoor Environment Quality
  •          Health and wellbeing of occupants
  •          Case studies


  •          Undergraduate Students (final year students)

o   Architecture

o   Civil Engineering

o   Mechanical Engineering

  •          Postgraduate Students

o   Any specialization having Bachelor's degree in Architecture, Civil or Mechanical Engineering



  •          Accreditation as IGBC Certified Green Young Professional
  •          Exposure to Green concepts in design, construction & operation of buildings
  •          Exposure to Green Building trends & technologies
  •          Acquire knowledge on IGBC Green Building Rating Systems
  •          Increased opportunity for placement in Industry

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