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Workshop & Training Programme on Energy Management in Cement Industry on 20 & 21 August 2015, Raipur

Workshop & Training Programme on Energy Management in Cement Industry

20 & 21 August 2015, Raipur 


I am pleased to inform you that CII � Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (CII � Godrej GBC) is a Centre of Excellence on Energy Efficiency, Environment, Green Buildings, Renewable Energy and Climate Change activities.

The vision of the centre is to make India one of the Global Leaders in Green Business by the year 2022. To achieve the vision, CII-Godrej GBC is facilitating the Indian industry to achieve world class standards through specialized services, various conferences and training programmes.

The improvement of energy efficiency has become the most important tool for industries striving to achieve excellence in cost competitiveness. Energy cost, being one of the major components of cost of cement production, not only necessitates the installation of energy efficient technology but also to inculcate energy efficient practices and methods amongst the plant personnel.

CII-Godrej GBC, as a part of its World Class Energy Efficiency initiative, has been involved in promoting energy efficiency in Cement sector. CII-Godrej GBC had carried out more than 1450 detailed energy audits till date in different sectors of industries. CII-GBC has been releasing several publication on a regular basis to make the latest information available to all the stakeholders in the cement industry. Various publications from CII-GBC includes Technology Compendium on Energy Saving opportunities in Cement Sector, Energy Benchmarking in Cement Industries, AFR status paper, Emission norms for Cement industry etc. CII-GBC is also involved in promoting Alternative Fuels utilization in Cement industries.

CII-Godrej GBC undertook the initiative of facilitating the adoption of energy efficient technologies in cement industries. Various interactions & workshop were organized as a part of this initiative to promote the technologies. Based on interactions and discussion with cement manufacturers & technology suppliers few technologies were shortlisted that has good replication potential across the sector & having high potential of energy savings. As a part of this initiative a Case study booklet on energy efficient technologies was published during CII-GBC annual event on Cement Green Cementech 2015 in Hyderabad on 14th & 15th May 2015.  

In order to accelerate adoption of the energy efficient technologies and to overcome the information and knowledge barriers in making transition towards the energy efficiency pathways, CII-Godrej GBC is organizing a two-day �Workshop & Training Programme on Energy Management in Cement Industry� on 20 & 21 August 2015 at (venue), Raipur. A copy of the Case study booklet on Energy Efficient Technologies will be distributed to all the participants.


The main objectives of this workshop & training programme are to � provide a macro level approach on energy conservation in different equipment, disseminate latest techniques and advancements in the field of energy management, provide information on latest energy saving ideas with actual implemented case studies in Cement Industry.

Target Audience:

         Senior Managers              Operation Engineers                     

         Middle Managers            Energy Auditors                               

         Junior Managers              Energy Consultants etc

         Maintenance Engineers

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