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Place:Chennai Trade centre

Date:11th,12th & 13th June

India is blessed with abundant sources of renewable energy including biomass, solar, wind, and hydro. Several efforts taken during the past two decades have resulted in tremendous results in terms of promotion of various RETs, creating awareness, formation of policies at state and central level etc. India now has the world's largest programme on renewable energy and made significant progress in tapping its potential. However, in view of India's ever growing energy demand and souring fossil fuel prices, it is essential for India to accord high importance for renewable sources energy to its fullest potential.

Also, with the current growth of economic development, India needs to focus on sustainable development in order to use its resources optimally. Use of renewable energy is one of the vital areas for achieving sustainable development and hence, CII - Godrej GBC is involved in promoting "Green Power" in a major way in India.

CII - Godrej GBC organised six editions of Green Power conferences since 2002 and they evoked tremendous interest amongst various stakeholders and were great success. To further enhance the promotion of green power in India and to attract more private sector participation in this sector, CII - Godrej GBC is taking a lead role by organizing the 7th edition of Green Power 2008 this year.

The main objective of this International conference is to focus on Renewable Energy policies at both State and National level, attracting more corporate investments in Renewable Energy sector, Financing mechanisms and latest technologies on green power generation.

The major thrust would be to enhance private sector participation and attracting investment in renewable energy sector in India. The conference would be addressed by eminent speakers from International agencies, Ministry of Non conventional Energy Sources, Electricity Regulatory Commissions, Industry both technology providers & users and other agencies involved in renewable energy in India and abroad.

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