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Date: 9th April 2008
Venue: Hotel Uppal's Orchid , New Delhi
Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Round Table Overview:

Clean energy and clean technology markets are growing more global and enjoying easier access to capital markets. Capital is coming from the venture investment community, the stock markets and internal refinancing, signaling the sector's shift to a more mainstream status. This is a powerful signal of the arrival of an alternative future for today's fossil fuel-dominated energy markets.

India is becoming one of the hottest investment destinations among the various investment options in the fast growing emerging economies. The booming Indian economy has a lot to offer for foreign investors, foreign institutional investors, venture capitalists, and portfolio managers etc. to leverage vast pool of natural, human and intellectual resources of rich Indian economy apart from various attractive investment opportunities.

In India, the rapid industrialization fueled by investments has provided tremendous opportunities for the SMEs to grow but at the same time threats to the environment has become a self created monster. Issues like climate change and global warming have become a major concern. Scientists foresee climate change as a main cause for occurrence of calamities in future.

World over including India, lot of initiatives has been taken up to create awareness and to find a solution to control this phenomenon and reduce its impact. New ventures India is one such initiative which believes that the country's economy and environment can be benefited by the growth of SMEs in clean technology and clean energy sector. New Ventures India supports the SMEs in the clean tech and clean energy space to grow by facilitating capital and market linkages. Still it has been observed that the rate and volume of investments have been slow and limited in the SMEs in the green sector.

New Ventures India, a global development alliance between CII-Godrej GBC and World Resources Institute, intends to create a platform to address the issues which have been identified as stumbling blocks for "Accelerating Clean Technology and Clean Energy Investments in India". NVI believes the powerful round table discussion shall result in generating ideas and solutions which shall provide a new direction to the SMEs, policy makers and investors.

The panelists shall deliberate on vital issues which shall change the course the development of policy and investment scene in clean technology and clean energy sector in India. The panel shall discuss on:

  • How to create an enabling climate which promotes clean tech and clean energy investments in India.
  • How to create, promote and scale innovations in clean technologies space
  • Deliberate upon how to make India a hub for clean technology innovation & investments

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