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Introduction Revenue Management also known as Yield Management is a scientific technique that combines Operations Research, Statistics and Customer Relationship Management and categorizes customers into price bands, based on various services. It is process for industry to maximize profitability by allocating the right resources to the right customers at the right price. Revenue Management involves managing a firm's demand-side decisions to maximize revenue. RM works on the fundamental concepts of market segmentation and price discrimination. Relevance Revenue Management is relevant in cases where the constant costs are relatively high compared to the variable costs. RM is most effective in a high capital cost, low marginal cost environment. With this as the background, the CII - TCM Division is organizing a one-day Conference on Revenue Management on Monday, 18 February 2008 at 0930 hrs (Registration at 0900 hrs) at CII - Godrej GBC, Hyderabad Objective The Objective of the conference is to:

  • Provide comprehensive insights to the concepts of Revenue Management
  • Learn various pricing strategy
  • Review the applications of RM tools and Pricing Strategy in all practical settings
  • Learn to understand proven techniques to get maximum out of revenue management people, processes and systems
  • Provide insights into Revenue Assurance Strategy Process

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