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GreenCo Summit 2015


While industrial systems have reached pinnacle of success, natural capital on which civilization depends has been rapidly declining. In the days to come, as human population grows and the resources available per person drop, a remarkable transformation in how we manage our resources will occur.

Today, businesses across the globe have begun to realize the impending impacts of their actions on the environment and their contribution to the ecological sustainability.

Towards promoting ecological sustainability in industry, CII has embarked on a journey to create a comprehensive rating system GreenCo Rating, to assess the performance of companies on their greenness. The GreenCo Rating System acts as a milestone for companies pursuing green initiatives to measure where they stand and help them in defining the path forward in achieving world class status in environmental sustainability. 

GreenCo Summit 2015

GreenCo Summit 2015 would be the appropriate forum to learn more on the best practices and technologies for environmental sustainability, and will also provide a platform for various stakeholders to showcase and deliberate on the benefits of adopting green practices, products and services.

Areas of Focus

This event will serve as an excellent platform for companies pursuing green to assess where they stand and help in defining the path forward in following areas:

  • International Experiences in Green and Environmental Sustainability
  • World Class practices in Green:
  •  - Carbon Neutrality
  •  - Water Positive status
  •  - Zero Waste company
  • Green Supply Chain, Green Procurement, Green Logistics, Sustainable Packaging  
  • Design for Environment : Resource conservation, nil toxicity & recyclability
  • How to use Life Cycle Approach to drive Green Product development
  • Experiences sharing by GreenCo Champions
  • Green Branding
  • The above latest concepts would be discussed and deliberated extensively by leading national & international experts.

The strategies and innovations shared at the event will not only promote ecological sustainability but will also go a long way in demonstrating that 'Green makes business sense'.

This event will also aim to adequately equip companies to meet future national & international compliance norms / regulations on environmental sustainability.

Who should Attend?

Thought leaders and practitioners of sustainable business growth models covering all the sectors of Indian industry should attend this summit.

v      Senior executives from Manufacturing companies covering

o        Production, Product Development, Research & Development, Marketing, Logistics, Procurement, Engineering & Utility,   Environment, Corporate Sustainability and SHE

v      Senior executives from Service sectors covering

o        Operations, Marketing, Logistics, Procurement, Engineering & Utility,  Environment, Corporate Sustainability and SHE

Manufacturing Sectors

v      Automobile, Cement, Chemicals, Engineering, Fertilisers, Foundry, Glass, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemicals, Pulp & Paper, Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous, Textiles, etc.,          

v      Service Companies        

o        IT, Financial firms, Hotels, Buildings, Airports, Retail, Logistics, etc.,

v      Government Departments         

o        MOEF, MCA, MNRE, CPCB, SPCBs, State Env. Departments, etc.,

v      Consultants & Environmental Professionals

v      NGO                     

v      Educational Institutions

v      Financial Institutions & Funding Agencies

Please contact for Sponsorship opportunities & Delegate Registrations
DPV Suresh
040 44185165

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