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8th PaperTech 2014

Introduction : 

The Indian pulp and paper sector is one of the energy & water intensive sectors. The sector offers tremendous scope for improvement in environmental performance. Hence, the pulp & paper manufacturers are increasingly on the look out for technologies and best practices for improving their performance and reduce the ecological footprint.


Against this background, CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre has initiated a movement under the banner "Make Indian Pulp & Paper Industry world class" with the support of all the stake holders of Indian Pulp and Paper Sector.

As part of this activity, CII Godrej GBC has partnered with Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) and instituted an annual event PaperTech. The 8th edition of PaperTech is scheduled on 20 & 21 June 2014 at HICC, Hyderabad.

Objectives : 

The main objectives of this conference are:

  • Disseminate the latest trends & Technologies related to energy, water and environmental performance improvement
  • Facilitate sharing of best practices amongst Indian pulp & paper plants
  • Involve more paper plants including small & medium plants in the activities related to �Make Indian pulp & paper industry world class� for their benefit
  • Share the progress made and the benefits achieved through the world class paper plant activities

Focus areas : 

The two day conference focuses on the following

v      World class initiatives in Indian Pulp & Paper sector

v      Preparedness towards mandatory programs like PAT scheme (Performance Achieve & Trade), RPO (Renewable Purchase Obligation) and SPO (Solar Purchase Obligation).

v      Pulp & Paper making

v      Recovery Island, Power block & Utilities

v      Small & Medium sized mills � including Agro & Recycled fibre based mills

v      Water & Waste water management

v      Waste to energy opportunities

Target Audience : 

v      Integrated, Medium & Small scale Pulp & Paper, manufacturers (Wood, Bamboo, Agro & Recycled fibre based mills)

v      Technology developers & Equipment Suppliers

      Paper plant machinery

      Control systems

      Utility equipment etc

v      Consultants

v      R & D Institutes

v      Government & Multilateral agencies

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Presentations Venue

Hyderabad International Convention Centre

Novotel & HICC Complex 
(Near Hitec City) 
P.O Bag 1101 
Cyberabad Post Office 
Hyderabad - 500 081
Telephone: + 91 (40) 6616 300, 6682 4422


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