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One day Workshop on Energy & Process Optimization through Simulation Pulp & Paper Industry

As you are aware, CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre has been promoting the concept of Make Indian Pulp & Paper Industry world class with the support of all the stake holders of Indian Pulp and Paper Sector. The main objective is to facilitate continuous improvement of energy, water and environmental performance in Indian paper industry and help them in achieving the world class standards. 

CII-Godrej GBC has partnered with Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA), IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute and Innventia AB and jointly taken up a project with the support of Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) to Promote Cleantech solutions and Business opportunities between Swedish and Indian entities within the Pulp and Paper sector. 

As a part of this activity, CII Godrej GBC is organizing a one day workshop on Energy & Process Optimization through Simulation In Pulp & Paper Industry on 19 July 2013 at HICC, Hyderabad. 


  1. The main objective of the workshop is to introduce the concept of Simulation to Indian Pulp and paper Industry and their benefits.
  2. The workshop also is intended to train the participants on the utilization of simulation tools and help them to do the simulation on their own for optimizing the process and the energy performance.

Focus areas:

  1. Introduction to simulation and benefits from simulation.
  2. Start with results obtained through the simulation in Swedish & Indian paper plants data from a Indian Paper plant is utilized for developing model and analysis
  3. The basics of Paper Front Show how to build a model, how to insert blocks and connect them and how to insert simulation parameters.
  4. Start an example model of a mill run the model with different settings and explore the outcome
  5. Scenario handling visualize how to change the settings in an easy way
  6. Results How to extract the results from the model and present them in a better way.
  7. Bench Front compare the results of the model and also benchmark with other data

Target Audience:

  1. Operation, Maintenance and performance engineers from Integrated, Medium & Small scale Pulp & Paper, manufacturers (Wood, Bamboo, Agro   Recycled fibre based mills)etc
  2. Energy auditors / Managers from the plants
  3. Consultants 


1.       Awareness about the simulation tools and the benefits

2.       Familiarization with the simulation tools & development of models using the tools

3.       Training on the use of the models developed and the analysis 


The workshop will be conducted by the experts from Front Way AB, Sweden. Mr  Alexander Hedlund, Application Development Manager and Mr Swapan Chatterjee, Senior Process Consultant Manager will be conducting the workshop.

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Venue Novotel & HICC Complex

Near Hitec City, Hitex Road
Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh 500081

For more details, Kindly Contact
Shankar Kundu
040 44185164

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