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Training Programme on Carbon Footprint Accounting - Chennai

 Climate change, widely recognized global environmental problem, requires swift actions to be executed to reduce the associated externalities and provide wholesome environment for life on earth. India, third largest Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emitter in the world, accounted for approximately 5.3 percent of the global emissions. With the need for further growth in industrial sector emissions are projected to increase significantly. Thus, it becomes imperative to reduce the emission level through sustainable actions. 

In the global platform, India has committed a reduction of 20-25% in emission intensity by 2020 from 2005 levels. To achieve this commitment, self initiative actions across various sectors are needed. GHG inventorisation, a proactive approach to improve the operational performance of a business, will help the organization to understand their impacts of climate change and enable them to efficiently work towards potential mitigation opportunities. 

Today, several corporate organizations, across the globe, have attained competitive advantage through GHG inventorisation. To facilitate Indian companies to reap benefits, Confederation of Indian Industry Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre is organizing a one day Training programme on Carbon Footprint Accounting, on 5th July 2013 in Chennai.     



To inculcate/enhance the knowledge base on GHG emission inventorisation and its associated benefits through profound discussion on methodology, case studies and a workout session on categorization of emission sources. 



1.       Background - Climate change and its externalities

2.       GHG emission inventorisation methodology                       

3.       Workout session Categorization of emission sources 

4.       GHG case studies


Benefits to the participants:

  • Awareness on Climate Change
  • Exposure to GHG inventorisation methodology
  • Hands on  training GHG emission inventorisation
  • Understand the monetary benefits that can be achieved through improvements to operational performance by carrying out the GHG inventorisation


Target audience 

  • Environment & Sustainability heads from large manufacturing companies
  • Medium and small scale industries
  • Service sector industries
  • Consultants
  • Managers.

For more details, Kindly Contact
Shankar Kundu
040 44185164

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