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Energy Efficiency Summit 2013


By 2030, the country is expected to have 68 cities with a population of more than one million, 13 cities with more than 4 million people and 6 megacities with populations of 10 million or more, with Mumbai and Delhi among the biggest cities worldwide. (Source: Mckinsey Global Institute as indicated in the MoUD website)

This implies that the country would see an upsurge in housing requirements for all strata of communities. Alongside this comes the demand for energy and water. The residential sector consumes about 24% of the electrical energy generated, which would continue to rise. Most of the Asian countries are water stressed and in countries like India the water table has drastically reduced over the last decade. Water availability will continue to be an issue that needs greater attention.

The handling of waste in the domestic sector is by and large unorganized. Many cities are facing the problem of proper waste handling and disposal. This can adversely impact the health and hygiene of people. Is this an issue to be handled by the Government or can we create unique models of partnership to look at pragmatic solutions?

With a large chunk of land parcels going away for development, the green cover is on the decline leading to adverse impacts on micro-climate. How do we address the need for housing without creating such impacts ?  

Almost 85% of the crude oil is imported and we continue to travel using fossil fuels at speeds at which we can bicycle. The piece-meal manner of expanding our infrastructure seems to address issues only temporarily.

The housing sector in the country needs to make judicious shifts towards sustainable living so as to live a better earth for posterity

To address these and several other aspects, IGBC, is organising exclusive one day conference on Green Homes on 15 June 2013 at Bengaluru. Leading national and international experts would share their thoughts and perspectives on how to foster and promote sustainable habitats. IGBC is presently facilitating over 652 million sq.ft of green homes in the country and many of the architects and project proponents would share their experiences in the conference.

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