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Waste Management Summit 2012


India has drawn the world's attention in recent years with its significant economic growth, large demographic of talented professionals and its rapid industrialization. However, the consequence of this economic success has been a massive increase in waste generation.

Waste Management and disposal is becoming one of the key problems facing India today, since about 90% of waste is currently disposed of by open dumping and landfilling. Presently the country has more than 36,000 hazardous waste generating industry, generating approximately 6 million tons of hazardous wastes per annum. Around 50% of this amount can be recycled which is not being adopted. This leads to hazardous materials getting disposed off to the environment and causing grave danger to living beings. It is also estimated that approximately 55 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Wastes are generated in urban areas of India annually. The estimates indicate that there is a good potential for power generation through municipal solid waste which is about 2600 MW.

With growing awareness of environmental effects caused due to unscientific waste disposal, there is a significant impetus to effective management and handling. Industries who are able to manage their wastes in environmental friendly way become more competitive in global market. Moreover, the various challenges and demand of waste management evolved innovative and unconventional technologies and business opportunities.

Realizing the need for sound management of waste, CII- Godrej GBC is organizing the third edition of Waste Management Summit 2012. This summit will focus on current challenges, possible solutions, and capacity building requirements of the waste management & recycling sectors in India.


The primary objective of Waste Management Summit is to gather government personnel, policy makers, business and industry stakeholders to address legal aspects, various technologies available and best practices implemented for managing wastes from industries and communities. This is also expected to facilitate the networking opportunities between various stakeholders.

Target Audience:

  • Industry personnel
  • Waste Management Facilities
  • Municipalities
  • Hospitals, healthcare and Bio-medical Waste Management facilities
  • Environmental consultants
  • Financial institutions
  • Service providers
  • Technology developers
  • Equipment manufacturers & suppliers
  • Educational Institutes etc

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Presentations Venue Hotel Hilton, Chennai, India

For more details, please contact:
Divesh Menon
40 4418 5162

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