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Conference on Green Homes 2012

Housing is one of the fastest growing sectors in the construction industry in India. The sector is expected to grow at an annual rate of 25-30%. This augurs well for the economy. At the same time, it present various challenges viz., supply of uninterrupted power & water, handling of home waste, providing adequate amenities etc.,
For the growth is to be sustainable, adoption of eco-friendly practices in the housing sector is an imperative. This would go a long way in addressing national priorities such as water conservation, energy efficiency and material resources.
In this context, the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) is making rapid strides in greening the construction Industry.


Till date there are 1496 green buildings coming up in the country with a green building foot print of nearly 1.08 billion sq.ft of of which 434 projects have been registered under IGBC Green Home Rating System with a footprint of 441 Million sq ft.


About 2,40,000 dwelling units are designed and coming up in various parts of the country. IGBC rating system encourages applications of simple design measures in construction of green homes.

Objective :
To further spearhead the Green Building movement and facilitate new business opportunities in green home sector.

Target Audience:
Architects,Builders ,Corporates ,Controctrs ,Educational Institutins,Government Representative ,Green Product & Equipment Manufacturers,Homemakers ,Interior Desigenrs ,Project Management Consultants,etc.

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Maharashtra, India

Phone No: 020-66451234


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