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Conference on Green Data Centers 2011


Thanks to the phenomenal development in the field of information technology, the world has become a smaller and finite space. No other technology has left such a huge effect on human race and will continue to make a mark in years to come. This impact of data explosion has resulted in exponential growth in energy consumption and will pose a major threat to the energy security of the country.


In this setting, CII in association with BEE developed a manual, Energy Efficiency Guidelines & Best Practices in Indian Data Centers, and has been well received by the industry. CII has also conducted Conference on Green Data Centers 2010 with his setting. Continuing with this, Data Centers 2011, will target the increasing energy trends and energy efficiency of Data Centers.


Green Data Centers 2011

Green Data Centers 2011 will deliver a comprehensive and informative programme that tacks together various decisive subjects like IT & Management systems, Electrical systems, Cooling systems, and Operation maintenance that confronts the day to day actions of the data centre managers.


Focus Areas


IT & Management Systems


  • Virtualization concept
  • Cloud computing
  • Server consolidation
  • Best practices in the above mentioned points

Cooling System


  • Energy saving opportunities in Chiller system (CRAC units)
  • Hot aisle & Cold aisle optimisation
  • Allied system - pumping system
  • Best practices in various data centers

Electrical System


  • Energy saving opportunities in UPS system
  • Best practices in Power Distribution Units (PDU)
  • Harmonic mitigation

Operation & Maintenance


  • Preventive & Breakdown maintenance
  • Routine Audits
  • Metering standards
  • Best practices in operation & maintenance

 Reasons to attend


  • Sail the chancing technology needs of your Data Centers
  • Witness best practices in Data Centers
  • Renewable energy usage in Data Centers
  • Addressing emerging virtualization & cloud computing needs
  • Reducing operational cost while improving energy efficiency

Who should attend?


  • IT operations
  • Storage planners
  • Project leaders
  • NOC, SOC and DOC executives
  • IT operations centers
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery professionals
  • Asset managers and planners of Data Centers
  • Data center facilities managers and storage function heads




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Presentations Gallery Venue

Date:28 - 29 April 2011

Venue:ITC Windsor, Bengaluru

25, Windsor Square, Golf Course Road

Bangalore 560 052

Tel:+91 80 22269898




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