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Waste Management Summit 2010

India has registered stellar economic performances by consistently clocking GDP growth rates of 8-9 percent over the past five years. Consumption linked to per capita income has a strong relationship with the waste generation rates. With urban population increasing by 3-3.5% per annum, the per capita waste generation is raising by 1.3% every year. Economic growth, urbanization and industrialization result in generation of both municipal solid wastes and hazardous wastes in increased volumes. It is estimated that India produces about 42 million tonnes of municipal solid waste and 5 million tonnes of hazardous waste from industries annually.

The impacts created by these wastes on the environment air, water, land, human health etc.) are enormous, if proper disposal and management options are not applied. Effective waste management through waste minimization, recycling, cleaner technologies and proper handling is of paramount importance for protecting the environment.

Realizing the need for sound management of waste, CII- Godrej GBC is taking a lead role in organizing first edition of "Waste Management Summit 2010 - Solutions for a Sustainable future". This summit focuses on current challenges, possible solutions, and capacity building requirements of the waste management & recycling sector in India.

The conference will be accompanied by an Exposition where organizations will display products and technologies that are available to Indian Industry to enable them to progress towards sustainable waste management.

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Presentations Venue Hotel Hyatt Regency,
Sahar Airport Road
Mumbai 400 099

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