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Seminar on TCM in Service Industry

Date : 19 February 2010
Venue: CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, Hyderabad


The turnaround in the Indian economy is unfolding and turns are being unraveled and fathomed by the industry and industry experts. Certain sectors in the industry are still part of economic repurcations.

The GDP pie of India is predominantly from service sector, therefore the vibrancy and positive growth of service sector in India is pertinent.

The challenges to the growth of services are from two dimensions - high cost and imminent global competition. Therefore, enhancing the competitiveness in the service industry is a serious and pertinent issue to be addressed.

Management in the service industry can get into the serious business of addressing cost through the approach of "Total Cost Management". Customer analysis, resource optimization, traceability of cost, time driven cost analysis are some of the means by which business challenges can be addressed.

To address the above opportunities, CII Total Cost Management Division is organizing "Seminar on Total Cost Management in Service Industry" for all functional heads to get the cost perspective right in their spheres of business.


  • Enhancing cost awareness in service sector
  • Streamlining and formalizing TCM approach in the service industry
  • TCM as a solution across the realms of the service industry

Focus Area
  • Measuring and managing service profitability
  • Performance measurement and analysis in service industry
  • Challenges in service industry and TCM as panacea

Target audience
The seminar is expected to be attended by over 150 participants comprising senior & middle evel executives from the service sectors which includes Banks, Consulting firms, Human resources firms, Information Technology, Hospitals, Hotels & Tourism, Transportation, Telecommunication, etc.,

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