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Indian Industry is well poised to set new growth models on environmental management
Indian industry saves over Rs 1,017 Million annually through their
green interventions and innovations

Green industry champions awarded with GreenCo rating and
Environmental Best Practices Award

Mr Arun Kumar Mehta, IAS, Additional Secretary, MoEFCC, Government of India in his video message at the inaugural session of CII GreenCo Summit 2018 said that, he is glad to see how Indian industry is progressing and transitioning towards greener manufacturing. This is not only by the large companies but also by smaller and medium scale enterprises actively working towards adopting resource conservation and cleaner production practices, he added. At a policy level, this is really encouraging to see India marching towards a low carbon and green economy, he highlighted.

He also added that GreenCo rating is one of the voluntary initiatives mentioned in the INDC to achieve India's target on climate change. These initiatives clearly indicate Indian industry's conscious intent to march towards sustainability and establish itself as a global leader in promoting low carbon economy, he added.

Dr Thirumalachari Ramasami, Former Secretary, Department of Science, Government of India underlined the theme of the conference- 'Green makes sustainable business sense'. He emphasized that being 'Bearable, Equitable and Viable' should be the new triple bottom-line approach of Indian industry. He appreciated the role played by 'Change Leaders and Change Managers', who are playing a critical role in taking forward the green business agenda at various levels. He called on the need to monitor and demonstrate the green benefits experienced to various stakeholders. Evidence based suggestions and recommendations will have greater impact than taking the perspective approach, he added. Dr Ramasami suggested on the need to develop eco-system of innovations with low resource settings.

Mr S Krishnan, IAS, Principal Secretary, Housing and Urban Development Department Government of Tamil Nadu, said that environmental issues and concerns impacts everyone and should not be seen in isolation. Adopting a holistic approach will enable in developing strategies, policies and suggests on the way forward. He added that change in mindset and perspectives will go a long way in addressing ecological issues and concerns. He also called on the need to address issues related to waste generation and its management.

Mr Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman, CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, called on the need and importance of Indian industry to play a more deeper and wider role in addressing ecological issues and concerns. Greening of supply chain is more critical in promoting environmental management in Indian industry, he added. Mr Godrej underlined the need to focus on science based targets. Understanding science of climate change is very critical in developing a holistic perspective on climate change. There is growing need to address concerns related to water stress and impending water crisis, he added.

Mr Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, GreenCo & Environment Council brushed aside the misconception that vikas will lead to vinash. Environment and business help each other grow and there is no conflict of interests, he added. He informed that 450 companies are working on GreenCo Rating and 195 companies have already been rated. This resulted in Rs 1,017 Million and 1.15 million tons of equivalent CO 2 annual recurring savings, he underlined. Mr Bhargava informed that a recent study conducted by CII reveals that GreenCo rated companies are gaining the competitive advantage and in the process becoming globally competitive, he added. There is brand equity and pride in going the GreenCo way, he said. Today, Indian railways, SMEs, Pharma and many other sectors are embracing GreenCo rating, he informed.

Mr V Narasimhan, Co-Chair, GreenCo Summit 2018 & Executive Director, Brakes India (Foundry Div) said that, it is heartening to see how Indian industry has gained expertise in converting ecological concerns into new growth opportunities. India in a position to set new global benchmarks on the green front, he added.

The inaugural session of GreenCo Summit 2018 was also marked by the presentation of GreenCo Awards to 50 companies. Coinciding with GreenCo Summit,

18 companies were also awarded with CII Environmental Best Practices Award 2018 for their innovative work in conserving natural resources.

Mr S Raghupathy, Deputy Director General, CII delivered the concluding remarks.

28 June 2018

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