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Energy Management should continue to one of the top priorities: Industry Experts
CII Energy Efficiency Summit 2017 gets underway
Today while addressing at the 16th Energy Efficiency Summit 2017 organised by CII, thoughts leaders and industry experts have underlined that various sectors of Indian industry are going that extra mile and undertaking various path-breaking initiatives which are ecologically superior and economically viable. The experts called on the need to further accelerate the efforts and convert every challenge into new growth opportunities. As part of Energy Efficiency Summit 2017, CII organised PaperTech; Green Sugar Summit and Power Plant Summit.

Mr A S Mehta, Vice President, Indian Paper Manufacturers Association (IPMA) & President, JK Paper Ltd called on the need and importance of highlighting various environmental friendly initiatives undertaken by the pulp & paper sector to various stakeholders. It is one of the most environmental friendly sectors and plants more trees than it cuts. It is playing an important in role in greening of the Country, he added. The need of the hour to design strategies and approaches in addressing the forthcoming stringent environmental norms. The sector should continue to improve on various parameters including- water and energy consumption, he added.

Mr Sanjay Awasthi, President, Sugar Technologists' Association of India (STAI) & Business Head, ISGEC Heavy Engineering Ltd highlighted the need to increase power export per ton of cane from cogeneration plants and explore alternative use of bagasse like 2 G ethanol production. He informed that the concept of modern sugar complex is to produce pharmaceutical grade refined sugar, cogeneration plant for maximum power export and production of fuel grade ethanol. He added that promoting steam economy in sugar & distillery, maximizing power export per ton of cane and water conservation are some of the ways to achieve efficiency with sustainability in sugar complex.

Mr Praveen Chorghade, Chief CTDS, Tata Power Company Limited underlined the need to address environmental norms both from a technical and commercial perspective. A paradigm shift in the sector should be ushered in the power plant sector. Renewable energy technologies should be widely introduced into the grid system, he added. He also called in the need to focus on zero emissions, water conservation and supercritical technologies. The sector should be flexible to incorporate new sustainable and technological innovations, he said.

Mr K S Kasi Viswanathan, Chairman, PaperTech 2017 highlighted that paper sector should be glad that their products are sustainable. Input raw materials like wood, agro residue or waste paper are sustainable and the process of manufacture is environmentally friendly, he added. The sector offers enormous opportunities to further improve on energy and water management. The annual PaperTech aims to facilitate continual improvement in the performance of Indian pulp & paper Mills and enable them in moving towards world class standards, he informed.

The 2-day event would bring together various stakeholders for sharing of best practices and exposure to latest and emerging technologies, which in turn would facilitate in further accelerating the National Energy Conservation (EnCon) movement in the Country. Energy Efficiency Summit 2017 would also be marked by the presentations by over 150 companies at the 18th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management. Companies would receive the award on 1 September 2017.

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