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Waste Management should be a Social Responsibility: CII Summit
Waste management should be a social responsibility first and then business proposal. Companies should move towards zero waste discharge. Many elements of e-waste should be treated more carefully because those elements are lost for future industries it they are scattered across the earth.

These are some of the ideas expressed by speakers at the inaugural session of the two-day Waste Management Summit 2013, which was organised by CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.

Dr Ayi Vaman N Acharya, Chairman, Karnataka State Pollution Control Board, said, " Waste management should be seen as social responsibility first. That is why our Department is very stringent with criminal actions for non-compliance. Now, industries are giving more priority to waste management as it is not only for sustainability, but also providing new business opportunities. By creating more awareness through schools across Karnataka, our Department succeeded in bringing down the waste during Ganesha Festival, use of crackers by 60% during Diwali. "

Mr Acharya added, " The current standards of the west are not suitable for India. Our garbage contains 60% organic matter and only 5% is plastic, which is not suitable for producing value products. We are putting more energy to get less energy out of garbage. With little more effort and spending, Pharma industry can convert hazardous materials into non-hazardous ones. Jindal has recently came up with artificial sand, which can be used in construction industry."

Mr Acharya released a manual - "In pursuit of Green Excellence- Vol: 3" containing best environmental practices from Indian companies.

Mr S Mani, Chairman, Industrial Waste Management Association, said, " If we follow the fundamental principles of nature, sustainability follows. Many things of e-waste are being scattered on earth. The materials used in such things were formed billions of years ago and will not get back into earth like or agro waste."

Mr Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, Environment & Recycling Council, CII-Godrej GBC, said, " We are living in a disposable culture. So recycling & re-using is more important than before. When quality and safety is recognised and rewarded, same should be the case with waste management also. Our value engineering should acknowledge the importance of recycling."

Mr Ram N Agnihotri, Chairman, Waste Management Summit 2013 & National Head - Hazardous Waste Management & BMW Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd, said, " Only 30% of the industry has best waste management processes. And only 10% are taking steps towards zero waste discharge. Rapid development resulted in generation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Integrated solid waste management concept should be incorporated into manufacturing processes", he added.

Mr Soumitra Bhattacharya, Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council, said, " CII started War on Waste (WoW) programme and 100 companies have already achieved zero waste discharge as a result. Another 100 are likely to be added to this list. The long-term goal is not to release any waste."

The inaugural session was also marked by award distribution to the recipients of CII Environmental Best Practices 2013. The objective of the Award was to recognise and award Environmental Best Projects implemented in industry and facilitate sharing of information on benefits to enhance/improve industry environmental performance. Mr L S Ganapati, Chairman, CII- Environmental Best Practices Awards 2013 announced the results. (List enclosed)

At the inaugural session, a MoU was signed between CII and Sustainability Victoria, Australia. The MoU aims to learn & promote best practices in waste management, recycling and energy efficiency. Mr Pradeep Bhargava, Chairman, Environment & Recycling Council, CII-Godrej GBC and Mr Stan Krpan, CEO, Sustainability Victoria inked the MoU.

Mr S Raghupathy, Executive Director, CII - Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre said, "CII is facilitating direct meetings between big generators of waste and users of waste based products at this two day summit."

28 November 2013

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