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Captains of Industry lay emphasis on Renewable Energies for ecologically sustainable development
India well poised to lead the global renewable energies mission

Delivering his special address at the 12th Green Power 2013 international conference, organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry, Mr Umesh Narayan Panjiar, IAS, Chairman, Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission stressed that while the country is facing energy shortages, the potential for harnessing Renewable Energies (RE) sources is immense as natural resources in India are aplenty.

He added that the both the central and state Governments have introduced Policies and have promised Regulatory support for promoting RE sources as it is both a viable and sustainable option for power generation. He said, "The Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM) initiated by the central Government is a move towards improving research and development activities on renewable energies thereby enabling India to tackle carbon emissions and climate change by the year 2022".

He also added that the Government is providing capital subsidies, concessional custom and excise duties on RE equipment apart from income tax exemption. He concluded by remarking that roof-top solar panels is one very good option for energy generation as solar power is a robust source of energy in the country.

In his dialogue, Prof T L Sankar, IAS (Retd), Honorary Visiting Professor, Administrative Staff College of India, said that, "We need a well coordinated program at the Country, State, District, village and eventually at the household level to bring about an awareness of the advantages of using renewable energies, specifically solar energy. Solar power‚??s greatest ability is that it can work at a small scale but work in a big way when it comes to reducing pollution and addressing climate change."

He concluded his remarks by saying that simple equipment such as solar panels; box type stoves, etc help in reducing pollution, adding to ecological sustainability, and mitigate risks of climate change.

Mr Richard Hyde, British Deputy High Commissioner, British Deputy High Commission, Hyderabad, while addressing the gathering of industry experts, Policy makers and Bureaucrats said that it is highly important for developing countries to utilise renewable energy sources as development and prosperity are directly linked to sustainability.

He added, "The UK has been the first country in the world to address the issues of climate change and we want to be the global leaders in this area by using at least 20% RE by the year 2020. We want to achieve this by supporting other countries as well through scientific, academic, business, and diplomatic collaborations."

Mr Hyde concluded his special address by emphasizing that innovative Government Policies will play a key role in improving energy, food, employment and resource security while ensuring a strong business climate for all stakeholders.

In his address, Mr Pravinbhai Patel, Member-Technical, Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission, said that in Gujarat, the Government encourages Renewable Energies through solar projects in particular as it will prove highly beneficial in the long run.

Mr M Kamalakar Babu, VC & Managing Director, NREDCAP, in his address said that the Andhra Pradesh Government encourages solar power generation through friendly Policies and has also set up Regulatory Bodies to review the progress continually.

Earlier, delivering the theme address at this conference, Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chairman, Renewable Energy Council, CII ‚?? Godrej GBC, said that though India ranks 10th in the G-20, it is imperative to plan for renewable and affordable energy sources for a sustainable tomorrow.

Mr S Chandrasekhar, Past Chairman, CII Karnataka State Council, in his address said that India has immense renewable energy sources like solar, hydro, and wind, and that working towards tapping these sources is the need of the hour.

Mr B Ashok Reddy, Chairman, CII Andhra Pradesh, highlighted the activities and initiatives of CII-Godrej GBC in promoting ecologically sustainable business growth models.

The inaugural session was marked by the release of the second edition of CII Case study booklet on renewable energy.

27 June 2013

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