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Huge potential for existing buildings to go green
Minister of state for Agriculture and Commissioner BBMP launch 'Green Rating' for existing buildings

Bangalore: The concept of Green Homes addresses the issues beyond living spaces. It simultaneously addresses the issues of water supply, power, pollution and waste management. Speakers at the CII conference on "Green Homes with a theme of Build Green; Build Your Future" outlined solutions to reduce stress on natural resources. They explained the initiatives of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) in this regard.

Minister of state for Agriculture, Government of Karnataka, Mr Krishna Byre Gowda said, "We destroy forests to make doors and windows. Similarly, we destroy water for construction. We crossed the limits of sustainability with rapid development. Aspirations of the modern world, though genuine, are impacting the environment. Though the aspirations like owning a car are legitimate, saving trees and having pollution free environment are also essential to live in a better eco system. In India, the demand for housing is very huge, but housing price is out of the reach of common man."

Mr Byre Gowda added, "Bangalore is the pioneer in the entire country in providing green housing solutions. With the initiatives of IGBC, Green Homes concept is spreading like anything. In cities like Bangalore, land acquiring is a difficult task and the solution is to grow vertically."

Mr M Lakshminarayana, Commissioner BBMP said, "There is a need to have continuous dialogue between state government and local bodies to make living spaces greener. Power, water, pollution, and waste management are four major issues for Bangalore. A large amount of green power can be generated by using biodegradable materials and renewable sources like sunlight. Karnataka is the second driest state in India. 80% of the water used in a house can come from recycled sources. Every house should have some water harvesting structure. The system to carry segregated dry and wet waste is not yet efficient."

IGBC National Chairman, Prem C Jain said, "Today, India has 1.40 billion sft of green space and only US is ahead of us. The concept of green building is to bring down the level of liquid or solid to zero. Next step is to make green building zero net power user. IGBC is focusing simultaneously on creating new green spaces as well as making the existing spaces green."

Mr Syed Mohamed Beary, Chairman, IGBC Bangalore Chapter & CMD, Bearys Group said, "IGBC started in 2001 headquartered in Hyderabad. Green is in our culture and system. We can find it in our houses, temples and palaces, but in the recent times, we lost it. IGBC, since its inception in 2001, has been trying to bring back green concepts in living and working spaces by announcing standards and benchmarking methods."

Mr S. Srinivas, Principal Counsellor, Indian Green Building Council said, "In the last few years, we are able to convert over 65 million sft into green spaces. Still, this is just less than one percent and we need to take the green initiatives to next level."

Mr Krishna Byre Gowda and Mr M Lakshminaraya released pilot version of 'IGBC Green Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance Rating System'. Rating system developed by IGBC is aimed at accelerating the greening process.

Conference felicitated Mr H N Siddanna for converting many barren lands of Karnataka into green areas during his tenure with Government of Karnataka. Environmental degradation has already started and we all need to take immediate steps to increase tree plantation.

An exclusive session of panelists from media chaired by Dr Chandrashekar Hariharan, Vice chair-IGBC Bangalore Chapter and CEO BCIL discussed the role of print and electronic media in reaching out green to common man. The esteemed panellists included: Mr Hari Pulakkat, Senior Editor, ET Mr Sujit John, Times Group, Prof. Kanchan Kaur, Vice Dean, Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, Mr P S Balakrishnan, Senior Special Correspondent, NDTV,Mr Tyagraj Sharma, Special Representative, The Statesman, Mr Ravi Hegde, Udayavani.

15 June 2013

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