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Press Releases

Promoting Resource Efficiency -a Critical Survival Skill'
With competing urban needs, compounded by growth in population and GDP per capita, the need for Resource Efficiency which includes reducing waste and increasing efficiency becomes a challenge, but it also becomes a critical survival skill for many resource-starved and developing countries said, Mr Swee O Goh, Chief Executive Officer, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd at the 2nd edition of Waste Management Summit 2011 which was organised by CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.

He underscored that Resource Efficiency makes Sustainability Development Sense and called to ponder upon- "What can you tell your future generations of what you have done to give them a better place to live in?" If we don't act fast, the damage to the Planet Earth would be irrevocable, he added.

Mr Swee O Goh also highlighted the need and importance to analyse a product's Life-Cycle. Reducing manufacturing waste is a good start to ensure Resource Efficiency, he added.

In the backdrop of depleting natural resources and overburdening of the environment, Mr Jogarao Bhamidipati, Vice President, Commercial, ITC Ltd called on the need and importance to conserve and reuse of resources. As responsible citizens we must ensure to pass on a safe and clean environment to the next generation, he added.

Mr Jogarao Bhamidipati highlighted the WOW (WEALTH OUT OF WASTE) initiative of ITC ?? RAMKy which involves source segregation, efficient collection system and sorting & recycling of waste. This initiative has resulted in addressing socio- environmental issues & concerns, he added.

Mr Ram N Agnihotri, Chairman, Waste Management Summit 2011 & National Head - Hazardous Waste Mgt & BMW, Ramky Enviro Engineers Ltd in his theme address called on the urgent need for a detailed assessment of the current and future scenario of waste management and recycling, including quantification, characteristics, existing disposal practices, environmental impacts, etc.He also called on the need to develop and promote Integrated Solid Waste Management (ISWM) facilities that provides a holistic and viable solution to industry and communities with respect to maximizing recovery of valuable end products from wastes and minimizing effluents for disposal.

Ms Suchitra K. Ella, Vice Chairperson, CII-Andhra Pradesh briefed the delegates on the activities and initiatives of CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.

Mr S Raghupathy, Executive Director, CII-Godrej GBC delivered the concluding remarks.

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