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Greening Data Centers Can Transform Energy Efficiency Scenario of India
CII organized a two day conference on 'Green Data Centers 2011' with 'Making Data Centers Green' as the theme. Green initiatives at data centers save power, improve energy efficiency and can open new business opportunities, according to the speakers.

Mr Kapil Mohan, Deputy Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE), Ministry of Power, Government of India, said, " Labeling programs on the lines of green buildings will work wonders in implementing green initiatives in data centers. Indian data centers are growing faster than their counterparts in other countries and they consume huge power compared to any other industry. So any initiative that makes data center green not only improves power consumption efficiency, but also opens up new business opportunities like bringing additional revenues using the idle power production and storage capacities. Standardizing, labeling, and finding business cases are some of the measures that will help in greening data centers. BEE is willing to work closely with CII on greening the data centers and any improvement there helps national economy."

Mr Sandeep Nair, Chairman, Conference on Green Datacenters and President, Emerson Network India Pvt Ltd, said, "Measuring input and output in different denominations in data centers is the biggest challenge. Data Centers should aim at sharing the best practices, which are vendor neutral. As a nation we have committed to reduce our emissions though the problem is not on the scale of industrialized nations. Similarly, we can address the power consumption issue of the data centers."

Mr L Krishnan, Vice Chairman, CII- Karnataka State Council and Managing Director, Taegutec India Pvt Ltd, said, " CII has a vision of making India global leader in Green Business by 2015. As data centers are growing rapidly any initiative to make them energy efficiency will also contribute to the national economy in many ways. With 1,065 green buildings, India is currently 2nd largest country in the world. In a similar way, it is easy to focus on data centers to implement initiatives and share their success stories."

Mr S Raghupathy, Executive Director, CII- Sohrabji Green Business Center, said, " CII started the initiative of making India Global leader in Green Business in 2003 and crossed several milestones so far. Gold rated / platinum rated Green buildings can be business cases also. CII and BEE will work together to increase the awareness on greening data centers. Developing performance parameters, codes and guidelines for data centers are the key areas CII will work with BEE."


28 April 2011

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