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CII-Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) re-dedicates itself on Earth Day 2011
"CII- Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) which was formed to usher in a Green Building movement in India and facilitate India become one of the global leaders in Green Buildings by 2015, re-dedicates itself on Earth Day 2011 observed on 22 April 2011, and endeavors to re-define the way buildings are constructed in India in an ecologically superior way" said Mr. S Raghupathy, Senior Director & Head, CII-Godrej GBC.

A green building is one which uses less water, enhances energy efficiency, conserves natural resources, generates less waste and provides healthier spaces for occupants, as compared to a conventional building.

With a modest beginning of 20,000 sq. ft of green built-up area in the country in the year 2003, today India has more than 1,050 registered Green Building projects with a built-up area of over 648 Million sq. ft. "This steady growth has been made possible due to the active involvement of various stakeholders of the building sector ‚?? Government, nodal agencies, architects, builders, developers, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, facility managers, etc" noted Mr Raghupathy.

Today, India has variety of certified and registered Green Buildings in India. Buildings include: Government buildings, offices, residential, banks, airports, convention centre, institutions, SEZ‚??s, hospitals, hotels and factory buildings.

Green buildings save 40-50 % of energy and 20-30 % of water. While, intangible benefits include enhanced ventilation, better views and day lighting which significantly improves the productivity of the occupants.

The following table illustrates the environmental benefits in 147 Certified Green Buildings in India

Environmental Benefit Category Average Benefits /Million Sq.ft Actual Benefits Per year
CO2 reduction 12,000 Tons 720,000 Tons
Energy Savings 15,000 MWh 900,000 MWh
Water Savings 45,000 KL 2,700,000 KL
Construction waste diverted from landfills 450 Tons 27,000 Tons
Renewable energy, installed capacity - 2,350 kW

Mr S Raghupathy added "green buildings are financially attractive. Though the construction of a green building would be 5-8 % higher for a Platinum building than a conventional building, the incremental cost gets paid back within 3-4 years". Adding further " there is immense market potential for green building products & technologies and the market potential is estimated to be USD 100 Billion by 2012" he said.

"With 80 % of India yet to be built, the next two decades would present a great opportunity for the country to pursue the path of green buildings. This would result in immense national benefits" observed, Mr Raghupathy.

On the auspicious occasion of Earth Day 2011, CII- Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) with all its stakeholders would re-dedicate itself and endeavor to make more concerted efforts in facilitating India emerge as one of the global leaders in Green Buildings.

Mr S Raghupathy said "CII- IGBC has a clear vision ‚?? facilitate India emerge as one of the global leader in green buildings and every Indian should live in an ecologically- superior home. All the sections of the community should go Green", he added.


21 April 2011

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