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Press Releases

A Political Brand Ambassador for Green Building Movement

The Green Building Movement in India, being spearheaded by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), has got a Political Brand Ambassador in Smt Vasanthi Stanley, Honā??ble Member of Parliament, (Rajya Sabha).

Delivering the guest of honour address at the Conference on `Green Homes and Green SEZ, Smt Vasanthi Stanley said she will work with IGBC to take forward the message on the need and importance of green buildings to the Parliamentarians and the Government.

Adding further she said, the Government has to play a key role in the green movement. 'Fortunately, for us the Tamil Nadu Government is very pro-active and has led the country by setting example. The Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Building and the Anna Centenary Library building are gold-rated Green Buildings, she said '.

The green home concept has been a great legacy of the Tamil culture and heritage, with clear descriptions of the nature-friendly homes in ancient and modern Tamil classics, Ms Stanley said.

Policy on Green SEZs under way: The Union Government will shortly notify the Green Special Economic Zone (SEZ) Guidelines, Standards and Rating System to make all the SEZs in the country environment-friendly and sustainable, according Dr L B Singhal, Director General, Export Promotion Council, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India who spoke at the Master Speaker Session.

Dr L B Singhal, invited the global suppliers of green technologies, products and services to set up manufacturing base in one of the SEZs so that they could access the SEZs in different stages of development in the country.

He said that SEZs are coming up in over 2 lakh hectares and huge industrial, commercial and social infrastructure is being built. This provided huge opportunities for green technologies, products and services.

Mr D K Mittal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India, in his special address said that the greening concept needed no advocacy as it is for the humanity and for the world. He said the SEZ Policy could be implemented by the SEZs as they were being created and they had tremendous potential to be energy, water and material efficient and for waste reduction.

Mr Mark Ginsberg, Senior Advisor to the Assistant Secretary, EERE Board of Directors, US Department of Energy, said India and the US together could do wonderful things in the green building sector. 'We can find new ways to address the major challenges, both at the environmental and economic front. He said Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh and the US President, Mr Barak Obama would give new directions for working together for a sustainable future.

Dr Prem C. Jain, Chairman, IGBC said that during the last 2 years 10 Crore Sq.ft of green homes were being built in the country. The movement is catching up very fast, he added.

Mr C N Raghavendran, Chairman, IGBC Chennai Chapter, said the SEZs were specialized spheres of manufacturing and services. SEZs were not just buildings but included homes and communities offering great opportunities for the adaptation of green principles and technologies. He also added that the green building movement had been very vibrant in Tamil Nadu with 100 buildings going the green way.

Ms Sangeeta Prasad , Member, IGBC delivered the concluding remarks.

[Chennai, October 9, 2010]

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