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Press Releases

CII's National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2010 presented by Director General, BEE

Today Dr Ajay Mathur, Director General, Bureau of Energy Efficiency presented 20 top industrial units (list enclosed in alphabetical order) with the Excellent Energy Efficient Unit Award at the 11th National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2010.

Earlier, out of several entries to the Award, 38 companies were short listed and these companies have achieved an annual recurring saving of Rs. 914 Crores in the past 3 years which is equivalent to 96 MW savings. These savings were achieved by implementing 2467 projects.

Dr Ajay Mathur, in his special address, said that BEE was planning to introduce new performance norms and incentives to motivate the top management to go for energy efficiency and conservation programmes. Dr Ajay Mathur also pointed out three critical elements in the practice of energy conservation followed by industrial units in Japan. They included implementation of suggestions made by the employees, measurement of energy consumed and interaction with academia and universities.

Dr Mathur also released a CD on `Energy Efficiency Best Practices for Indian Industry', prepared by CII. The CD contains the best practices on energy management.

Dr Naushad Forbes, Chairman, Energy Efficiency Summit 2010, in his address, said the country's growth process should give special attention to reducing energy intensity. He said the beginning could be in individual companies with a high target of 25 per cent and then stabilising at five per cent reduction per unit of growth. The most important factor in energy efficiency practice was its continuation year after year, Dr Forbes said.

Mr L S Ganapati, Chairman, National Award for Excellence in Energy Management 2010 in his address, said the objective of the award programme, instituted in 2000, was to recognize and award `excellence' in energy management in industries and facilitate sharing of information by excellent energy efficient companies . Adding further he said, the award aimed at instilling a sense of competition to motivate other plants to achieve excellence and drive them to carbon emission reduction project initiatives with a focus on energy conservation projects.

September 2, 2010, Chennai.

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