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Low Carbon Roadmap for Indian Cement Industry Released

The report titled- 'Low Carbon Roadmap for Indian Cement Industry' developed by CII was released today by Mr G Anantha Ramu, IAS, Commissioner, Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh at the 6th edition of Green Cementech which is jointly organised by CII and Cement Manufacturers Association (CMA).

The report is an effort to create a roadmap for Indian cement industry to achieve its target of 20 % reduction in its Greenhouse gas emission intensity, from the present average levels of 697 kg CO2/ ton of cement to 560 kg CO2/ ton of cement.

'Use of Industrial wastes and municipal wastes (replacing just about 10 % of the coal consumed) in Indian cement industry, can reduce the GHG emissions by 10 million tons / year in India', said Mr G Jayaraman, Chairman, Green Cementech 2010 & Executive President, Birla Corporation Ltd at the inaugural of the Green cementech 2010 conference. The theme for the two-day event is- 'Make Indian Cement Plants World Class in Green'. Leading national and international experts will share their experiences and thoughts on the theme.

Delivering the inaugural address, Mr G Anantha Ramu, IAS, Commissioner, Industries & Commerce Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh underlined the need and importance to reduce intensity of energy consumption, usage of resources, etc., in the production process and said the focus should be on sustainable industrial growth.

Mr G Anantha Ramu also said that the Government is undertaking steps to improve infrastructure by facilitating investment in industrial infrastructure in the private sector.

He highlighted that the State has enacted a Law for single-window clearances and said it is the first State in the country to have a Law for single-window clearances, which ensures that all clearances to investors are given within a set period.

The inaugural session was also marked by the release of 'Cement Formulae Handbook-Version 2.0' .

Mr M A M R Muthiah, Vice- President, Cement Manufacturers Association, while delivering the special address, highlighted the activities and initiatives of the Cement Manufactures Association (CMA). He said CMA is relentlessly pursuing promotion of energy efficiency and pollution control in the cement industry through diverse measures like Benchmarking System for energy efficiency and environmental protection in cement plants, regular publications on energy and environmental-related latest advancements in cement industry across the world,etc.

Mr M A M R Muthiah highlighting various avenues pursued in the industry to improve productivity and energy said, there has been all-around upgradation of technology in all sections of the plant like mining, process, equipment and machinery, packaging and transportation.

Mr G Jayaraman while further elaborating, underlined the need to reduce thermal energy consumption to a greater extent in all the plants. While mentioning that cement industry, next to power plants, is a major industrial contributor for CO2 emissions, he called on the need and importance to use alternative fuels in place of conventional coal for firing in cement kilns.

Adding further, Mr Jayaraman said some of the Indian cement plants have initiated use of Bio-mass and other alternative fuels in cement kilns and called on other plants to learn the success stories and practice. He also underlined the need to produce 100% blended cement and utilization of low grade lime stone and said utilization of low grade lime stone needs to go a long way.

Mr Jayaraman said another focus area of the Indian cement industry is the utilization of hot exit gases from preheater and cooler and suggested that one of the ways of utilizing the exit gas is to generate power through waste heat recovery systems.

Earlier, while delivering the welcome address, Mr D V Manohar, Past Chairman, CII ?? Andhra Pradesh, briefed the delegates on the activites and initiatives of CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre.

Mr Manohar highlighted the initiative titled "Mission on Sustainable Growth". He said the Mission intends to identify strategies and develop specific action plan in facilitating Indian Industry improve its resource utilization (consumables like Raw materials, coal, oil, gas, electricity, water, etc.) Adding further, he said "as on date, 419 signatories have committed to the initiative.

Mr S Raghupathy, Senior Director & Head, CII ?? Godrej GBC delivered the concluding remarks. The two-day conference will focus on the latest trends in pyroprocessing & grinding systems, energy efficiency- process and auxiliary equipment, waste heat recovery systems, waste fuel utilization in kilns, climate change and mitigation, etc.

13 May 2010 - Hyderabad

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