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Green Product Certification

The following process will be followed for facilitating adoption of Green Product Certification:
  • Acceptance for GreenPro certification & Identification of products: On acceptance for adoption of GreenPro certification, CII-Godrej GBC team will visit the plant and facilitate the company in identifying the product / products range that can go for the GreenPro Certification.
  • Registration: The identified products will be registered with Green Products & Services Council for Green product Certification.
  • Guidance for preparation of Documentation: CII-Godrej GBC team will guide the company‚Äôs team for preparing the documentation as per the requirements of Certification standards.
  • Assessment of documents: CII-Godrej GBC will assess the documents submitted by the company as per the standards and submit the recommendations to Green products and services council. CII-Godrej GBC will be supported by a 3rd party conformity agency in assessment. Third conformity agencies are identified and trained by CII for carrying out assessment as per GreenPro standards.
  • Award of Certification: The Green Products & Services Council will award the Green product certification based on the recommendations.
  • Validity of the Certification: The Green Certification is valid for 2 years from the date of award of the Certification for a product / product range. At the end of the validity period, the company is required to apply for renewal of the certification.

Acceptance of the proposal for adopting
Green Product Certification (GreenPro)

Facilitation in identifying product / product
range for certification (By CII)

Registration of product / range of products for
certification (ByManufacturers)

Submission of first documentation by Manufacturer
( Based on Certification standard, including testcertificates )

Evaluation of documentation
by CII-Godrej GBC & Release of assessment report

Submission of final documentation along with
additional clarifications sought
(By Manufacturer)

Final Evaluation documentation and recommendation
to Green Product & Services Council

Award of Certification by
Green Product Council

For further details contact :

Mr Karthikeyan S


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