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Green Product Certification

India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Alongside the economic growth, there would be an increase in resource consumption and associated environmental impacts.

Pursuing "Green" is the only way to address these challenges. Major product and equipment manufacturers have realised the need for becoming Greener. Green Products, Equipment, Technologies and Services will have wider applications and demand in the future.

To cater to these needs Green Products and Services Council of CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre has launched the Green Product Certification.

The objective of GreenPro is to assess 'How Greenis a product', based on a holistic framework and highlight the way forward to achieve excellence in environmental performance. The Certification system guides the manufacturers to position their products as green and eco-friendly. The GreenPro certification system adopts Cradle to Cradle approach for evaluation,on par with international Standards.

  • Facilitate green building projects in selecting the right products and equipment
  • Rate products and equipment on extent of greenness
  • Help Manufacturers to reach out to environmentally conscious customers
  • Puts a system in place for a product to be called 'Green'

The Green Products Certification adopts a holistic approach based on the 'Life Cycle' of the product.

The Certification system encourages the product manufacturers to implement Green measures in all of the following areas:
  • Product Design
  • Raw Materials
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Product Performance during use
  • Recycling/Disposal

  • Green Building Materials
  • Industrial Products
  • Technologies
  • Consumer Items
  • Services

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Mr Karthikeyan S


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