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CII - Triveni Water Institute

One of the greatest challenges facing human development is the conservation and equitable distribution of limited fresh water resources. There are serious concerns on the availability of fresh water in India as it has 16% of world's population and only 2.45% of the world's land resources and 4% of the world's fresh water resources.

In this regard, a need has therefore arisen to provide a single point reference to address water related issues especially for the industry and domestic users. Hence the need to set up such a institute.

CII-Triveni Water Institute is the First of its kind in the world where the Government, Industry & civil society have come together to address water related issues in a holistic manner.


To facilitate India achieve water adequacy by 2022.

  • Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Agriculture
Core Purpose
  • To transform water conservation & management practices involving all stakeholders.
  • The Institute would focus upon water and waste water management in industrial, municipal, rural and agricultural sectors.
National and international Partners
  • Government of Rajasthan
  • Water Industry Alliance, South Australia
  • Cleantech, Switzerland
  • Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, State of Israel

Service Offered

Advisory Service
  • Industrial water audits
  • Water conservation projects in commercial buildings
  • Water audits and feasibility studies in municipal sector
  • Facilitation of rain water harvesting concepts
  • Facilitating implementation of "zero water discharge"
  • Water footprint study
  • Benchmark study
  • Blue rating of companies to assess water efficiency
  • Promotion of application of water efficient faucets & fixtures
  • Benchmarking studies on water utilities
  • Impart training to working professionals on various managerial and technical aspects of industrial water management
  • Develop and promote water accredited professionals
  • Design on line courses and undertake faculty development programmes
  • Need-bases training programmes for municipal sector
  • Orgainse award programmes for recognizing excellent water management practices in industry
  • India International Water Summit ?? focusing on industry, municipality and efficient irrigation systems
  • Conducting seminars/workshops on innovative water saving techniques

For further details contact :

Mr Pranab Dasgupta


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