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Energy Efficiency

Increasing cost of existing resources has led to growth in cost of energy. In India, energy costs have risen by more than three fold in the last decade. In this context, energy efficiency can prove to be a effective tool to the industry. Since energy cost is a major component of production cost, excellence in energy efficiency ensures a healthy bottom line through the most productive consumption of energy.

Energy efficiency also enables resource conservation bringing down the need for more resources. It also leads to reduced Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, lesser pollution levels and a healthier environment.

Resources :
Download - Paper Manual: Vol - 3  

Manual on Thermal Energy Efficiency in Cement Industry
National Best Practices Manual - Pulp Paper Industry  
Papertech_manual vol 2  
IREDA - Investor Manual for Energy efficiency  

Energy Efficiency Guidelines & Best Practices in Indian Datacenters  

Services offered

  • Preliminary energy audits (complimentary service)
  • Comprehensive energy audits for the entire plant (both thermal & electrical)
  • Facilitating industry to achieve world class standards in energy efficiency
  • Development of Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) norms for various sectors
  • Undertaking energy efficiency projects / sectoral studies in partnership with international agencies
  • Performance evaluation / monitoring of energy efficiency projects
  • GHG inventorization services including baseline identification and target setting
  • EnCon missions (study tours to excellent energy efficient units)
  • Training programmes on energy management
  • Encouraging industry to attain excellence in energy management through the annual National Awards for Excellence in Energy Management

For further details contact :

Mr Kiran Ananth, Principal Counsellor


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