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Energy Efficiency


As agreed by all of us, energy cost is one of the major components of cost of production. Energy Efficiency makes excellent business sense as one of the most attractive competitive tools, reducing the cost of production. It enables Resource conservation, thus contributing to Sustainable Development.

For the Industry, excellence in energy efficiency ensures a healthy bottom line through the most productive consumption of all forms of energy.

CII – Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre (CII – Godrej GBC) has been very closely associated with energy efficiency improvement of the Indian industry. Energy Efficiency reduces local and global environmental damage because less of each energy resource would provide the same amount of useful energy. It also is the cheapest and quickest way to slow down the projected global warming.

  • Preliminary energy audits
  • Detailed energy audits
  • PAT facilitation studies
  • In house & centre-wise extensive training programs on EnCon
  • Undertaking energy efficiency projects/sectoral studies in partnership with international agencies
  • GHG inventorization services
  • Performance evaluation/ energy efficiency monitoring projects
  • Development of Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) norms for various sectors
  • Facilitating industry to achieve world class standards in energy efficiency
Events, Conferences & Exposition:
  • Green Cementech
  • Power plant summit
  • Paper tech
  • Energy Efficiency Summit
  • Green Sugar Summit
  • Exposition on latest trends in energy efficiency

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Mr Kiran Ananth, Principal Counsellor


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