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Green Champions of India( ₹ 2000)

(INR 2000/-)
This coffee table book is India's first such dossier and will help all stake holders understand the value of environmentally responsible. It shares the success stories of 36 CII GreenCo Rated companies of India. The companies in this book highlight the features and green technologies and sustainable measures incorporated in GreenCo Rated Companies.

IGBC Green School Rating System ( ₹ 300)
IGBC Green School Rating System, Pilot Version which holistically addresses the priorities for students, teachers, parents and in-turn society, in the school environment.
The focus areas addressed in this rating system includes:
  • Site Selection & Planning
  • Sustainable Water Practices
  • Conserving & Harvesting Energy
  • Eco- Friendly School Material
  • Indoor Environment Quality
  • Health & Hygiene
  • Green Education

The benefits envisaged through adopting IGBC Green Schools guidelines include:
  • Improve quality of life for students in school environment
  • Add excellent education value to students in environmental aspects
  • Improve building performance through water & energy savings and also through post monitoring

"2nd edition of Green Buildings of India" - IGBC Coffee Table Book ( ₹ 2000)
IGBC in its efforts to encourage the adoption & promotion of green buildings brings out publications to highlight the need and importance of green buildings. As part of this initiative, IGBC has released the 2nd edition of Green Buildings of India, a coffee table book highlighting the green features incorporated in 105 IGBC rated green building projects in India. This is an effort to showcase the success stories of green buildings and in the process inspire the readers to tread the green way. Green Buildings of India has captured the key achievements of each project in terms of- passive architectural design, tangible and intangible benefits and most importantly, the experience of the occupants. In this regard, we would request you to please consider ordering this Publication which we are sure will add great value to your organisation.

IGBC Green Homes Rating System ( ₹ 1000)

(INR 1,000/-)
IGBC Green Homes is the first rating programme developed in India, Exclusively for the residential sector. It is based on accepted energy and environmental principles and strikes a balance between known established practices and emerging concepts. The system is designed to be comprehensive in scope, yet simple in operation. The green homes rating system may be applied by individual home owners as well as developer driven house projects.

Special Features:
  • Benefits of implementing green home concepts
  • Easily implementable strategies to build a green home
  • Sample calculations for each credit
  • Drawings / Photographs / Case studies
  • Guides owners & developers/ builders to speed up their documentation process
  • Documentation required for Pre-certification & Certification stage
  • Reader friendly
  • Robust, Value addition, Global & Technically Stringent
  • Model Energy Simulation Report
  • List of Drought tolerant Plant Species - climate wise

Case Study Booklet on Renewable Energy Volume II ( ₹ 400)

(INR 400/-)
This booklet contains some of the best projects implemented across the country covering major sectors and includes their latest operational experience, technology, financial viability and benefits achieved. We would like to thank all the organizations for sharing their data & inputs. The case studies are innovative and have immense replication potential in meeting the energy requirements of Indian industry.