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Best Practices Manual on Industrial Solid Waste Management
The Best Practices Manual is a collection of over 45 solid waste management projects implemented by industries across various sectors. Each project outlines the objective & salient features, benefits achieved and its replication potential amongst the sectors. These projects were presented at the CII-Environmental Best Practices Award -2011 and 2012


GreenCo Reference Guide

GreenCo reference guide clearly outlines the goal, compliance options, document submittals required for each credit under the GreenCo rating system. It provides the background for each parameter, strategies for implementation, case studies and resources for each ofthe 10 parameters under the green company rating system. The reference guide will help companies in getting a deeper understanding ofthe different strategies to be adopted to achieve ecological sustainability.

It describes the step by step procedure to be adopted for energy efficiency, water conservation, waste management, material conservation, etc.